None Left Behind

The perfect companion for you may be one that, at first glance, you might be tempted to overlook.  Our unique None Left Behind program encourages you to take a closer look – you may be surprised by what you find!

Some people may have concerns about adopting a special-needs pet – one with a chronic medical condition requiring ongoing veterinary attention, one challenged by a behavioral, psychological or functional issue requiring special care, or a “young at heart” senior pet.

None Left Behind benefits:

  • Waived adoption
  • No concerns over the cost of veterinary care for special needs
  • Provisions for necessary medications, special diets, ongoing treatments or other special care requirements*
  • Free behavioral consultations with the League’s animal trainer


*This program does NOT include future veterinary treatment for conditions unrelated to the animal’s inclusion in None Left Behind, nor does it cover routine veterinary care such as exams, shots, dental cleanings or extractions, nail trimmings, grooming, standard flea/tick and heartworm preventatives, non-prescription foods, crates or cages, training pads or similar supplies, leashes, collars and the like.  These are considered normal requirements of responsible pet parenting.

The League is grateful to receive individual donations and grant funding in support of our voucher program. We appreciate the generosity of those who support this much-needed community resource. Donate here to support this program.


These special pets are eligible for None Left Behind. One of them may just be who you've been looking for!


Can Mica be any cuter?! He's athletic, handsome, AND can get along with some other dogs. Plus, he could be your sole companion. Mica is one of our special dogs who needs to be introduced very slowly to his new friends. We are working on socializing him more and more every day.  Mica has a special team of trainers, staff and volunteers who are making him a priority here at the shelter, because we feel he will thrive once he finds a home to call his own. In addition to waiving his adoption fee due to his length of stay at the shelter and his special behavioral needs, the League will cover any support and guidance provided by our trainer.

Vaughn was found by a good Samaritan as a stray.   A handsome rottweiler mix, Vaugh is estimated to be about five years old.   Vaughn does have some medical issues related to bones and joints.  With quality care here at the League, he is a responding well to medication and a good diet.  So far, Vaughn has been in a good mood, despite some discomfort.   He seems to enjoy the attention of human companions.  He also has shown that he can get along with other dogs without a dominant personality.   Vaughn will need an adopter dedicated to his needs as a rottweiler, (socialization, guidance), and his medical needs.  Vaughn is on our None Left Behind program and the League will cover the cost for vet visits and medication related to his arthritis.   His adopter will be required to use the Leagues veterinarian.   To ask about Vaughn, call the League at 513-735-2299.

Vincent is such a loving dog.  He is very affectionate and attaches quickly to folks once he has had a chance to make a connection.  As with almost all our pets, we seldom have a full understanding of their background.  We suspect Vincent had a bit of a rough start.   For that reason, he will do best in a quieter home with no other pets where he can be the STAR!  Vincent is a big boy, so we do not recommend him for a home with smaller children.  Vincent is still young and will want to get out every day for exercise.  Long walks or hikes will be just fine with him.  Once back at home he will want to rest and flop over for belly rubs.    Vincent is just a big baby!  Our None Left Behind program will cover the cost of Vincent’s medications and bloodwork to regulate his meds.  His adopter will need to use the League’s veterinarian.  To ask about Vincent or to make an appointment call the shelter at 513-735-2299.