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Humane Education

Education program

The League offers on-site humane education classes for children ages 5 and up, for up to 16 individuals (this total includes accompanying adults). We can also bring the program off-site to your location.  On-site programs include a tour of the shelter and an opportunity to interact with a cat or dog.

Classes are free; however, since the League is a non-profit organization, donations are appreciated.

The following classes are offered:

  • Taking care of our cats and dogs - learn about pets' physical and emotional needs, how to meet those needs, and which needs people and pets share
  • Pets have feelings too - learn about pets' feelings and how similar they are to our own, how they communicate those feelings, and the importance of respecting them
  • How you can help - learn about the different problems cats/dogs face, how kids can help, and which careers can be pursued to help pets
  • Four-legged heroes - learn how service, therapy, working and companion cats/dogs help people
  • Not enough homes - learn about the problem of pet overpopulation and how we can help prevent it
  • Just as wonderful - learn about senior pets, pets with special needs, and the positive aspects of adopting them into our families
  • Purrfect cats - learn about cats and how we can help enrich their lives as our companions 
  • Pawsome dogs - learn about dogs and how we can help enrich their lives as our companions
  • Learn about the League - learn about the history of the League and how we help cats and dogs


In addition to private classes, we offer monthly classes on Sundays at 1:00 pm for the general public.  Here is the 2019 class schedule (details can be found on our Facebook page):
April 7
May 26
June 9
July 14
August 18 (rescheduled from August 11)
September 15
October 13
No classes in November or December

Classes are taught by Certified Humane Education Specialist, Shannon Breznai.  To schedule a private class or to sign up for a public class, please contact Shannon at shanbrez@gmail.com