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None Left Behind

The perfect companion for you may be one that, at first glance, you might be tempted to overlook.  Our unique None Left Behind program encourages you to take a closer look – you may be surprised by what you find!

Some people may have concerns about adopting a special-needs pet – one with a chronic medical condition requiring ongoing veterinary attention, one challenged by a behavioral, psychological or functional issue requiring special care, or a “young at heart” senior pet.

None Left Behind benefits:

  • No concerns over the cost of veterinary care for special needs
  • Provisions for necessary medications, special diets, ongoing treatments or other special care requirements*


*This program does NOT include future veterinary treatment for conditions unrelated to the animal’s inclusion in None Left Behind, nor does it cover routine veterinary care such as exams, shots, dental cleanings or extractions, nail trimmings, grooming, standard flea/tick and heartworm preventatives, non-prescription foods, crates or cages, training pads or similar supplies, leashes, collars and the like. These are considered normal requirements of responsible pet parenting.

Buddha the cat in a tunnel

Buddha - 6.5 years old, Male

Buddha lost his family in 2023, when his behaviors started changing and the family wasn't able to handle them. What they didn't know? This boy was acting weird because he'd developed diabetes, and wasn't feeling well :(

Buddha is a cat on the quiet side - he won't be the first one to get your attention in Room 3. He likes his "me" time, and a calm pace. Buddha is fine with other cats, but prefers kitties who aren't all up in his business. We suspect, though, that Buddha's personality will shine more when he's in a loving home with his very own family. 

As part of our None Left Behind program, the medication Buddha takes (once daily) for his diabetes will be covered by the League for his lifetime; as will the twice-annual check-ups with our medical team to assess his condition. 

We hope someone will take a chance on this boy, when nobody else would.