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Lost Pets

Losing our best friend is the worst feeling. Here are some steps to take as soon as you realize your pet is missing:

  • Walk the Neighborhood: Take a walk around the immediate area as soon as you realize your pet is missing. Most pets stay close to home! But remember, pets travel as the crow flies - so don't forget to look in neighborhoods behind you, too.  

  • Notify Neighbors: Let neighbors and anyone else you see on your walk know that your pet is missing. Make sure you give neighbors, service workers, or others in your neighborhood your contact information in case they spot your pet. Ask them to keep an eye out if they have cameras; and to check any areas pets may have gotten shut in (garages, sheds, etc). 

  • Search at Optimal Times: Lost dogs will be traveling during day or night; but cats are likely to lie low during the day, and be active at night. Search for them after the sun goes down, making sure to listen closely for their meows; and making sure to make noise that they can hear (shake treat cans, and call out to them). 

  • Share Photos Everywhere: post your pet on Lost & Found Pet pages on social media, including Facebook and Next Door; post them on Petco Love Lost; alert your local shelter; and put posters in your neighborhood. Make sure to include clear photos of your pet; the date the pet was lost; and the exact location (address) the pet is lost from, including the town. Indicate if the pet is male or female; microchipped; and neutered. 

  • Use Technology!: Keep a close eye on any outside cameras at your house, and ask neighbors to do the same; contact a local drone company that may have heat-seeking drones to help in your search. 

  • Don't Give Up! Pets have been lost for months, and returned home - stay vigilant and diligent to help your best friend get home. 

You can report lost or found pets to us at info@lfaw.org

Lost & Found Pets