How can I schedule an appointment at the Sis & Dick Miller Wellness Clinic?

Spay/Neuter Surgeries are performed Monday (owned cats), Tuesday (community cats), and Wednesday (owned dogs) each week. Call us at 513-735-2299 to schedule an appointment. 


Vaccine Clinics are held on Fridays from 11am-1pm. Call 513-735-2299 to confirm as staffing shortages may affect this schedule.


The vaccine clinic will be CLOSED Fridays, April 26; May 3; and May 10. This ONLY affects the Friday vaccine clinic; the spay/neuter clinic will remain open. We are sorry for any inconvenience! Get those furballs vaccinated before then! 

What types of pets will the Clinic see?

The Clinic provides wellness care for owned cats and dogs and free-roaming cats. We are unable to provide veterinary services for other species at this time.


Where can I find information about the Clinic's pricing?

You can find information about general pricing here. Please note that pricing may vary if you qualify for any of our subsidized services - call us at 513-735-2299 for more information. 

Can I use pet insurance or CareCredit at the Clinic?

Our clinic strives to provide affordable services for all pet families. We do not accept insurance or CareCredit – but please contact us for options to provide your pet with the care they need at an accessible cost for your family.

Does the Clinic handle emergencies?

Because the Clinic operates with a limited staff, we are not able to handle after-hour or critical-care emergencies at this time. Please contact MedVet Cincinnati (513-561-0069) or Grady Veterinary Hospital (513-931-8675) for emergencies that require immediate attention.


Can I get my monthly heartworm and flea preventative at the Clinic?

Yes! Please note that these medications are by prescription, so we will need to see your pet at our spay/neuter or vaccine clinic if we have not seen them within the last year. After that, we are able to provide your pet with flea and heartworm preventatives for up to a year.


The Clinic offers such affordable prices- am I still getting the best veterinary care?

Yes! The Clinic’s mission is to offer affordable veterinary care so that no pet owners have to delay needed care for their beloved pets because of cost. We are able to provide top-notch care at affordable prices thanks to the support of our friends and donors – and never at the expense of the very best veterinary care for your pet!