Our Programs

Owned Pet Intake

The League takes in pets surrendered by their owners in some circumstances. Please fill out a "Pet Intake Surrender Form" to request intake. 

The League does receive far more requests for intake than we have space in the shelter. We do prioritize the most urgent requests, including:

  • Pets who have been adopted from the League.
  • Pets whose owners have passed away, or have moved into assisted living or hospice.
  • Pets of elderly or senior owners who are facing health complications. 
  • Pets whose owners are facing homelessness. 

Stray Animal Intake

The League does NOT take in stray dogs. Please contact our local municipal shelter, Clermont County Animal Shelter, at 513-732-8854 (or 513-732-2231 after hours) if you have seen a stray dog, or are missing your own pet dog. 


The League does accept stray cats from Clermont County only. Please know that the League receives far more requests for intake than there are spaces in the shelter, so we prioritize the following:

  • Cats who are ill or injured.
  • Cats under 4 months old. 
  • Previously owned cats who have recently been put outside. 
  • Cats in dangerous areas (e.g. commercial sites or construction sites).

The League is also very thoughtful about not accidentally "cat-napping" pets - taking cats into the shelter who are owned pets who are either indoor/outdoor pets, or who are lost/adventuring. This means we are not likely to take in "stray" cats who are healthy, adult cats who have just recently appeared in your neighborhood. 


The League does NOT take in cats who are not fully socialized and friendly with people. If you know of, or are feeding a colony of unsocialized (feral) or semi-social cats, please contact us for help with trap/neuter/return (TNR).  


If you have found a stray cat and need help knowing what to do next, check out our helpful guidelines! You can call the League about intake for vulnerable strays; posting found pets to reunite them with owners; or trap/neuter/return services for feral cats!