League Named Top Animal Charity

Posted on: October 11, 2018
Top 10

The League for Animal Welfare has been named one of the nation’s Ten Best Animal Charities by Top Dog Tips, a leading online source for in-depth information on all things dog related.

The distinction was awarded to the League based on criteria including the organization’s services provided, its ethical standards and how efficiently it utilizes contributions. Also cited was the League’s four-star rating (the highest awarded) by Charity Navigator, an agency that rates charities worldwide. The League has received this rating from Charity Navigator for each of the last five years.

“LFAW is on our list of top best animal charities to support this year not only because of their responsibility, accountability and complete transparency, but also because they don’t just focus on rescue; they also promote responsible pet care to make an ongoing difference in the community,” the award stated.

“We obviously are thrilled to have the League for Animal Welfare counted among the best animal charities in the nation, as this is a tremendous honor that recognizes all of the unique qualities that make the League such a special resource in our community,” said Barb Casciani, president of the League’s board of directors.

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