League Saves Hurricane Irma Pets

Posted on: September 15, 2017
(L-R) Daniel Clifton and Chelsea Bower, Gainesville Pet Rescue, and League transport team, Bruce Walters, Carrie Leary, Leah Marks and Mike Callihan

In September, Volunteer Manager Carrie Leary and a team of volunteers from the League answered a call to help Gainesville animals effected by Hurricane Irma.  The timing has perfect, as the team went south far enough ahead of the storm to miss the serious weather.  Helping these animals had a double-impact:  The League helps them find a forever home and animals displaced when the storm hit will be reunited with their families after Irma's impact.

Our team was one of the many rescue groups from across the nation that dedicated hard work and time.  Those rescued animals are now lucky League animals, safe and sound from the storm and ready to be adopted into a loving local family.  The League is proud to have the ability to help those so desperately in need while maintaining business as usual at our facility.  Of all the rescue efforts Carrie witnessed, Carrie remembers the traffic.  But now how you might think: "the only traffic we saw was cherry pickers and semis loaded with supplies.  At the rest stops, people were camped out, because there was really nowhere else to go.  They ALL had their pets with them!"