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Cat Enrichment

Our cats come to the League from a variety of places. Many of them are found wandering in neighborhoods, parks or are dumped off near a farm house. Cats are also found in homes that have been foreclosed. Some come to the shelter because of divorce, death, or the owners are being forced to move into housing that does not allow cats.

The cats often come to us underfed, injured, and very scared. These cats have lost their home, their family, everything they know and love. They are being placed into new surroundings with strangers. That is why our volunteers are so important to us. They take the time to work with scared, shy, and frightened cats. There are also cats that come to us well adjusted, outgoing, and are immediately adopted.

Cat Volunteers

The League is happy to announce that we are working with Dr. Lisa White. Dr. White is the founder of Veterinary Behavior Management Solutions. She works with owners and their pets with a wide variety of behavior and mental health concerns. Treatments regularly utilized by Dr. White include medicine/supplements, pheromone products, clicker training, and always a gentle touch. Dr. White is helping the volunteers to develop techniques of working with our cats to socialize the scared cats, comfort the ones that have lost their beloved homes, and to help the cats to thrive and be adopted.

The cat committee and staff are working together to learn about each cat and what will help the cat to make the adjustment to their new home at the League until they are adopted. Dr. White has a very unique ability to assess the cats and help us with strategies to work with each cat. 

Key Is Volunteers

The key to this is the volunteers who come and spend time with the cats and kittens. It is amazing the transformation we see after our volunteers have been visiting and loving our cats. Some cat volunteers just want to come in and play and snuggle with the cats. That is so important. Please consider being a cat volunteer by signing up for a cat orientation class. Orientations are held the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 in the morning. Call 513-735-2299 to register.