Get Involved


The League for Animal Welfare offers volunteer orientations for anyone who may be considering volunteering with our cats and dogs. These informative classes will give you an overview of shelter activities, allow you to meet some of the staff and other volunteers and introduce you to some basic training techniques.

Shelter animals also need to be exposed to children – and children need to learn how to behave calmly and gently around animals.  While we ask that children not attend orientations, we encourage families to volunteer and to make it a fun and fulfilling family activity.

NOTE: Parents must attend the volunteer orientations before bringing their child(ren) to the League. Parents must also handle the dog at all times when children accompany them when dog walking, and they must accompany minors younger than 16 years old when socializing cats, staying in the same cat room with them. This is for the safety and well-being of our animals as well as the child(ren).

If volunteering for student community service hours, you must first check with the Volunteer Manager to see if we have any openings for you to do student community service.  Then those student community service volunteer times are scheduled and can involve doing tasks such as washing windows, cleaning crates, cleaning the storeroom, etc., not just socializing the animals.  We do not sign for student community service hours for socializing the animals. 

Ready to get started?  Simply call 513-735-2299 to sign up for orientation.  We offer sessions on the 2nd Sundays and 4th Saturdays at 8:45 a.m.