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Mary in foster

Some say it is the best job in the world. Some say it is the hardest. And sometimes it’s the same people who are saying both.

Not surprisingly, they’re talking about fostering… About the wonderful feeling you get from knowing you’ve helped a homeless dog or cat transition to a new life… About the love you get — and the love you get to give… About knowing that it’s not forever…

We won’t kid you. Fostering is not for everyone. It’s easy to love. It’s the leaving that’s hard. And even though you know your foster is going to a wonderful new home, that departure day inevitably will be bittersweet.

Yet the real rewards that come from helping an animal take that next step on his or her life’s journey are immeasurable.

Fostering may be an especially good option for people who are unable to commit to a long-term relationship with a pet right now. It’s also a good option for those who may be unsure how well a pet might fit with their family or their lifestyle. Or for those who just aren’t sure, period.

Sometimes, pets in need of foster are those who aren’t adapting well to the shelter environment and need more normalcy while awaiting adoption. Sometimes it’s a pregnant mother that needs to give birth and wean her babies in the quiet comfort of a home environment. And sometimes a foster candidate is one who needs one-on-one socialization to overcome shyness or to learn to trust humans again.

What's Included?

The League covers all food and medical care for dogs and cats living in foster homes. And the League’s knowledgeable animal trainer and adoption counselors are always available to provide support and guidance along the way.

Are You Ready?

The League is always looking for good foster homes. To contact us about fostering opportunities click here. To find out more about our kitten and puppy bottle feeding program, click here.